Think You May Have a Leak in Your Drains?

How Does One Perform a Drain Repair on PVC Pipes and Joints?

In the past few decades, using PVC pipes and joints has become common. However, as with all pipes, there will be times when they will require repair, which is why we, at All Around Plumbing LLC, who regularly deal with drain repair work have listed a few helpful tips for you.

One of the most common repairs you come across is repairing cracks in PVC pipes. But depending on how severe the cracks are, you could be able to get away with using a waterproof sealant on the cracked area. However, please note you must allow the sealant to properly set before the pipes can be used again.

Also, homeowners need to remember that silicone sealants can only be used on hairline cracks. If they are larger, it will not work. They should never be used on the main lines in your home, just the lateral ones. Good quality silicone sealants can be found in any home repair or hardware store.

If you have a crack on your main line and it is longer than one inch, then you should not try to repair it. In such cases, you will need to remove the cracked section and replace it with a new PVC pipe. This can be accomplished by first draining the pipe and then cutting out the section of pipe. The general idea is to make sure you cut the pipe so the crack is no longer there.

Make sure that the replacement pipe you buy is the same as the original one. Apply the sealant to both ends of the pipe and add a coupling on them too. Then slide the pipe in place, again applying sealant to your original piping, and then slide the couplings over the new piece. This will create a tight seal.

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