The Slab Leak Detection Specialist You Need to Hire

slab leak specialistDrains and sewage leaks can cause a lot of destruction. The blockage of the drains stops the water from moving freely in the sewer system. You may notice some odor coming from the drains or the sink may take a long time to empty. Things can get worse and the water can come back up a sink, resulting in flooding. If you encounter such a problem, the best option is to call a slab leak detection specialist. The main role of this specialist is to do a slab leak inspection so as to identify where the problem lies.

One good thing about our company is that we use the best technology that enables us to effectively and efficiently carry out video camera inspections. The cameras are waterproof, making it possible for us to inspect underground pipes and sewer lines. We insert the camera on a flexible rod, then move it through the pipe. No matter what problem you may have, it won’t be a challenge to us. We can easily identify any kind of leaks, including ones under concrete floors & slabs leaks or gas & water leaks.

We offer excellent slab leak detection service by providing repair and installation services. To save the situation, we do things like unclogging as well as sewer and drain cleaning. It all depends on the nature of the problem. You don’t have to worry about your water heater, backflow devices, toilet, faucets, slab leaks, and disposal systems. We will handle them all. Our sewer lines repair and replacement services can be of use to you if your sewer is damaged. We wouldn’t want this problem to reoccur. To ensure this, we do preventative maintenance on the devices.

If you are searching for an excellent plumbing service, contact All Around Plumbing LLC. We are just a phone call away! We are based in Yukon, OK and if you want to know more about our services and rates, don’t hesitate to dial (405) 233-0043.