How to Detect Slab Leaks in Your Property

Signs Those Slabs Need to Be Repaired

Your slabs are responsible for protecting your water lines from damage. A damaged water line can cause serious plumbing problems for you. You should invest some time to check on your concrete slabs on a regular basis. This task will prevent costly repairs from happening in the future. It is important that you find any underlying slab leaks as early as possible.

Early detection will help you detect hidden problems in the water line. Slab leaks might be small, but they should be taken care of right away. Any delays might result in further damage to your plumbing system. Do not wait for the plumbing problem to become irreparable. Here are the telltale signs that your slab should be repaired right away:

Water on the Floor

Puddles of water are an obvious sign of a serious slab leak. This is often caused by a broken pipe underneath your property. The water can often be found in specific areas of your home like the bathroom and the kitchen. You should ask help from a plumbing contractor to locate the source of the leak for you.

Low Water Pressure

If you noticed the water pressure of your home has weakened, there might a slab leak. This happens when water escapes from the main pipeline. Even a small leak can significantly lower your plumbing system’s water pressure. You can always count on a plumbing contractor to fix the leak for you in no time.

Cracked Floors

Do you notice weird cracks on your floor lately? Cracked floors are an indication of a serious slab leak. This means that water has already penetrated the concrete slab. You should have this checked by a plumber right away. The plumber will be able to stop the leak and prevent further damage in a timely manner.

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